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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oct 14, 2010 9:45am Lippitt Memorial Park

After a short walk me and my brother came to our destination, a small park directly across from Swan Point Cemetery, seconds later I was bouncing about yelping wildly "Nighthawks, Nighthawks, Common Nighthawks!". A flock of buoyant brown birds with blazing white wing patches came flying over head.

They were most likely migrating south for the winter. Bat like and graceful wings powerfully pushing this brown evening bird over Providence, watching the people swarm below them.

Nighthawks are a crepuscular birds in the day, they usually try to stay hidden using their mottled brown plumage to make them look like just another branch or some dead leaves on the ground. But when the evening arrives they're up and hunting in search of nice juicy bugs.

These Common Nighthawks were my very first Goatsuckers (Goatsuckers are a family of birds of which Nighthawks are members of) and lifers! We also found some Chipping Sparrows, a female Redstart and some Chickadees. Amazingly we saw another and even larger flock of Nighthawks at our soccer practice on the same day and another flock a few days later at our soccer game!

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