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Friday, October 15, 2010

July 2, 2010 4:40-6 pm Fisherville Audubon, Exeter RI

As usual the woodlands of Fisherville were bustling with life. Blue Jays shrieked raucously. We found a peaceful Giant Skipper fluttering about the smelly butterfly garden situated next to the outhouse.

Red-Eyed Vireos hopped and flew through the canopy waiting for their arch enemies the Blue Jays to pass by and then the chase would be on. They are both very aggressive species and always seem to be quarreling with one another for no specific reason.

Today the forest was filled with life though not all of it was noisy. Mushrooms (and trees) were everywhere today, silent spectators of the quarrelling jays and vireos.

An immature hawk, most Likely a Broad-Winged or a Sharp-Shinned, stared resolutely at the bird feeder until we came into sight and then flew hastily off.

A Veery hoped into view with a light green half inch inch worm clutched tightly in his bill. Downy Woodpeckers hurried down trees (we saw three in total) while a Black-Capped Chickadee flitted through the trees over head. A Wood Thrush perched luxuriously on a branch and a little farther on we discovered another handsome thrush.

In the pond we found the albino or domestic Mallard that we have seen here before. Due to it's pot belly I am pretty sure it was a domestic Mallard. A small and gentile female Wood Duck was also taking a swim in pond today.

We found a Chipping Sparrow hopping through the bushes and a little further down the path a Grey Catbird (sadly we did not find any Purple Dogbirds!)

Although we had a fairly small list of birds it was highlighted by the many colourful mushrooms as much as it was by the birds.

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