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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sept 16, 2010 10:30-11:30 am Sunny and breezy Moonstone Beach and Trustom Pond, South Kingstown RI part 1

The sand was blue and white and then, within the time you could say "weird sand", it was yellow again!

It was a swarm of swallows, they were gathering for their southward migration, thousands of nervous birds landing on the beach. Oddly all the birds were facing the ocean (maybe it was because of the wind?) and then taking off again. When we looked up, there seemed to be an unusual cloud traversing the sky above us, it was the swallow flock, they landed again covering the sand and bushes and then seconds later the swarm of penguin-like Tree Swallows with their blue backs and white bellies were back in the air. They wheeled and swooped, each maneuver more beautiful and graceful then the last. We watched them showing off their tricks for at least ten minutes before they moved on. A falcon species (either a Peregrine or a Merlin) shot by dashing after the flock.

A mystery wren darted through the bushes. Song Sparrows and Northern Mockingbirds busily sang their complex songs from the scrub.

A Northern Harrier soared over the meadows and marshes, his white rump a blazing emblem of his species, keen yellow eyes searching the ground for a tasty rodent.

A Tennessee or Palm Warbler occasionally would poke his tiny green and yellow head out of the bushes to watch the waves splashing on to the shore.

Swans, Cormorants and Mallards bustled about on Trustom Pond.

From high above eyes watched the goings on below. It was a beautiful Osprey-soon he would be on his way to South America where he would spend the winter months.

PS I will try to post the other half of our trip to Trustom and Moonstone tomorrow

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