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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swan Point Cemetery, Providence RI May 26, 2011 7-10 am cloudy 64`

The day before yesterday at Swan Point Cemetery we were treated with a wide array of common birds highlighted by the discovery of a male Orchard Oriole, a Swainsons Thrush, a Canada Warbler and best of all a Cape May Warbler which we enjoyed flitting through a maple tree on the very edge of the cemetery. It was singing a very unusual song for a Cape May Warbler; every once in a while it changed the pitch of it's song. The song sounded more like that of a Bay-breasted or Blackburnian Warbler than that of a Cape May Warbler. This was the second time I have ever seen Cape May Warblers (the first sighting was a few years back when I enjoyed watching a male and a female at legendary Plum Island.)

On the way home we passed a female turkey on the side of the road. This was the same individual we saw a few weeks ago. It was a female with a chest tuft which generally females lack. This particular a female it was pretty easy to recognize.

Yesterday at Swan Point. We had more species but less interesting ones then our last visits. Here is a full list of all 40 something bird types ("X" means unknown numbers):
X Canada Goose
X Mute Swan
3 Mallard
X Double-crested Cormorant
1 Osprey
X Ring-billed Gull
4 Great Black-backed Gull
4 Mourning Dove
8 Chimney Swift
1 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
4 Red-bellied Woodpecker
2 Downy Woodpecker
5 Northern Flicker
7 Eastern Wood-Pewee
8 Great Crested Flycatcher
7 Eastern Kingbird
1 Warbling Vireo
12 Red-eyed Vireo
9 Blue Jay
2 American Crow
1 Black-capped Chickadee
2 Tufted Titmouse
3 White-breasted Nuthatch
2 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
3 Wood Thrush
X American Robin
16 Gray Catbird
2 European Starling
21 Cedar Waxwing
8 Yellow Warbler
10 Blackpoll Warbler
1 Wilson's Warbler
42 Chipping Sparrow
3 Song Sparrow
8 Northern Cardinal
20 Red-winged Blackbird
49 Common Grackle
9 Brown-headed Cowbird
3 Orchard Oriole
16 Baltimore Oriole
4 House Finch
13 American Goldfinch
8 House Sparrow
Definitely not a bad day. 
The security guard recently witnessed the brutal murder of the Great-horned Owl fledgling by talon of Red-tailed Hawk (apparently they did raise at least one owlet in the woods). I haven't seen either the owls or the security guard since.

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