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Friday, May 20, 2011

Nokum Hill, Barington RI Cloudy, slightly raining 70~ 11:45-12:30am May 19, 2011

There were seven Ospreys soaring above the agriculture field - landing on the dirt a few moments and then taking off again. I have never seen Ospreys acting like this before in any bird species. I wonder what they doing? There is are two Osprey nests nearby, presumably this was a family from one of them.

They were constantly calling. I really enjoy their call which is a short whistle "chee chee chee". There was also one perched in a bare tree off in the distance.

In the field also were Killdeers and lots of Semipalmated Plover. I have never seen Semipalmated Plovers flocking in a corn field before, but apparentley they do! Out on the bay there were 2 Common Terns.

On the way back I noticed that another Osprey had joined the first on the bare tree.

Other highlights included: Yellow Warblers (heard), Great-crested Flycatcher (heard), Barn Swallows and a large feeding flock of cormarants.

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