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Monday, March 28, 2011

Let the Spring migration commence!

Spring migration seems to be getting underway. Already the first reports have come in of Great Egrets and Ospreys (the latter of which I believe I saw yesterday). Blackbirds seem to be back in full numbers and now we are seeing them everywhere. Though some do winter here they are mainly migratory.

A couple of days ago I saw my first flycatcher of the year; an Eastern Pheobe at the John H. Chafee Preserve (and we recently saw Lincoln Chafee, the son of the namesake of the preserve getting a pizza in Kingston). Along with the pheobe we counted 61 Harbor Seals relaxing on the rocks (the seals were not migrating yet, it was the largest number of seals I have ever seen at one time). The phoebe presumably had just arrived seeing that they usually appear in mid March-after having spent the winter months sun bathing on the beaches of Florida and generally having a good time in the Southern states and Central America. Tree Swallows are another species that have just recently arrived though I have not yet found any-soon though!

Birding's getting better!!

Sorry for not having posted in so long. Our new dog Theo is restricting us from going to some of the better birding hot spots, the National Wildlife Refuges and Audubon Societies "NO DOGS ALLOWED" policies have severely limited our intake of bird species.

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