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Friday, May 28, 2010

May 3, 2010 10:30-11:30am Sunny 80` Caratunk Audubon, Seekonk MA

Caratunk Audubon is technically part Massachusetts but is considered an RI Audubon. Caratunk (run by one of the best birders in RI, Mike Tucker) is an amazing and inspiring place. Huge rolling meadows and dark woodlands, resounding with bird song and the trickling of streams, makes it one of the most beautiful Audubon sanctuaries in our area.

Today was one of the better days for birding with the usual swarm of Tree Swallows rolling through the meadows on their sapphire wings and always a Bluebird or two hanging about on the nesting boxes.

The two best birds for the day were a possible Blue-Winged Warbler (one of my favorite warbler species). My brother is certain that it was a blue winged but I like to have MY eyes have a positive view on the bird before I count it. And I saw a House Wren, a year bird!

We also saw: one male Yellow Warbler (a shocking bird pure yellow from head to toe with a chestnut streaked breast), two soaring Red-Tailed Hawks and a Cottontail.

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