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Friday, April 23, 2010

April 15, 2010 11:15-12:30am sunny with slight breeze 63` Nokum Hill Wildlife Refuge Barrington RI

Today was probably the best day or one of the best days in my life for seeing mammals considering that we go out in the woods almost everyday. Today was something special. One of the first creatures we noticed was a distant Coyote, a skinny dog like creature with a distinct loping gate crossing the barren cornfield. This was the first time I've seen one in the wild. Tree Swallows flitted through the maze of bird houses until miraculously finding their way to their own chosen nesting site. A female Wild Turkey perched on a log not five feet away from the trail. Red-Tailed Hawks soared over head as we watched two Ospreys enjoy life (or maybe hate it - I'm not sure) from their nest way out in the marsh and think again of those good old days with no cars, office buildings and coffee beans. But by far the most exciting thing to muse about was a cute baby White-Footed Mouse scuttling through the marsh grass and paddling out into brakish bay and then loosing his nerve and turning back to home turf. He seemed very interested in the human race (maybe he was reading the wrong human guide book because he seemed not to realize that humans are big, smelly, mean, gross things which should be feared not nibbled) (not that I minded being nibbled it is just not a good idea on his part but hopefully he will learn). The only other thing to note was a beautiful Mourning Cloak Butterfly and a Great Egret hanging around the marsh. No year birds sadly but a good day all in all!

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